URBN Cowork Member Spotlight: Jeremy Gardiner

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Business: Gospel eBooks
URBN Member Since: August 2018
URBN Location: South Edmonton

Describe your business in a few words.

Gospel eBooks was the first website to provide alerts for free & discounted Christian e-books. We keep track of which titles are on sale and then post a fresh list of deals for our readers every morning. Our goal is to save our readers time and money by pointing them to e-books that they actually want to read, at a fraction of the cost.

What inspired you to start your business?

We had moved a lot in our early marriage years between 2006-2009. By the time our first daughter was just one year old, she had lived in three different provinces! When we moved, we only packed what we could fit in our car and gave the rest away. One thing I would always do is give all my books away as they were too expensive to mail and took too much space to bring in the car. So, when I discovered the Amazon Kindle, I thought this was the perfect solution to my problems. I could start building a digital library and wouldn't need to get rid of my books every time I moved. As soon as I got it, I started looking for Kindle books and found a few I liked at incredibly low prices. I couldn't believe I was getting books for $0.99 or $2.99 that I would have paid $10-15 for in paperback. I noticed they were short-term deals and couldn't find anyone who was tracking these promos for those interested in reading theology books. So I decided to start it myself in October 2010. Gospel E-Books has been running for 9 years now and it's been supporting my family full-time for the last 5 years.

Biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting your business.

To do what I do best and outsource the rest. Early on I tried to do too much and would get burnt-out. Sometimes I still do this, but at least now there's a legitimate effort to not repeat this unhealthy pattern. One thing that's been helpful is taking a Sabbath every week. It's an ancient biblical practice of working for six days and then taking one day off for rest, relaxation, and worship. Having two virtual assistants and taking a Sabbath break every Sunday has kept me in a healthier state to persevere in my work.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love reading, especially non-fiction theology books. In fact, I'm doing a Biblical Studies degree alongside my work as I aspire to be a pastor one day.

In my downtime, I enjoy playing Hearthstone (digital card game) and watching Youtube clips on topics I'm interested in. Right now that includes Bitcoin, stock-market trading, politics, and theology primarily.

Favorite thing about coworking:

When I signed up, I was just looking for a quiet place I could do my work and studies from. My home is quite busy (we have 5 young kids) and so I needed to have an undisturbed place to work. Urbn Cowork was the perfect solution with their 24/7 access and the many spaces to work from. I do my computer work on a desk and my reading on the couch :) But the unexpected blessing was making new friends. I really enjoy being around the other people here. Some of whom I've hung out with outside the office.

How would you describe coworking to somebody?

A shared office for entrepreneurs.

Contact Jeremy

Email/Phone: mrjgardiner@gmail.com
Website: https://gospelebooks.net
Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Currently Jeremy is taking the month off from coworking to spend time with his family and to regenerate himself for the upcoming months of school. Jeremy has been a flex desk member which provides him with this opportunity to put his membership on hold at any time he wants. The flexibility of working when and how you want is what being an URBN Cowork member is all about. You are in charge of your membership and there are no long term commitments. We hope to see Jeremy back at it in the fall and wish him the best time off with his wonderful family.