URBN Cowork Member Spotlight: Jeff Motyka


Business: Motyka Consulting Inc.
URBN Member Since: January 2018
URBN Location: South Edmonton

Describe your business in a few words.

Motyka Consulting Inc. provides civil consulting services, specializing in private site land development. Basically we design the storm, sanitary and water lines, site grading, and storm water management for private developments, such as commercial, multi-family or industrial developments. If you see a new shopping area being built somewhere, we may have engineered it!

What inspired you to start your business?

I wanted to only answer to myself and my clients. Which allows me to control my work-life balance, for the most part! Your most precious resource is your time.

One interesting or fun fact about you or your business.

I did not do very well in math and science in high school and here I am, my job is all math and science! You just never know how things turn out!

Biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting your business.

Control your overhead costs, but not at the expense of your employees. Think big picture.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Traveling, golf, skiing, hockey; all with family.

Favorite thing about coworking:

The sharing of resources creates an economical, but still professional office solution for small businesses. The alternatives can be expensive and isolating. It is really an awesome setup. 

How would you describe coworking to somebody?

Like having a gym membership, but to an office :)

Contact Jeff

Email/Phone:(780) 318-3562 or jeff@motykaconsulting.ca
Website: http://www.motykaconsulting.ca/index.php
Social: LinkedIn